I'm That Dope Chic

Four Principles to Become Your Authentic Self
December 28, 2020

Are you that woman who has been misunderstood and overlooked? Perhaps you are that woman who has been judged by the flawed misconceptions of others. Then this e-book is for you!  

I Am That Dope Chick! Four Principles to Become Your Authentic Self will discuss self-awareness and four dope principles to implement on your journey to identify your purpose. 
*Dope means anything in life that is cool, great, or worth paying attention to. 
Click the link for more information: https://gum.co/gjkQZo

Annual Tru’ Horizons, Inc. Women’s Conference

This is our annual fundraising event that we host to sponsor women and young girls in our community.  Join us for our day of fellowship, networking and education. We have several seminars to enhance your spiritual, financial, and mental enhancement. 

Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting our events in a virtual format.

5th Annual Women’s Conference: The Time Is Now! Time to Propel & Prosper Three-day Virtual Conference LIVE on Tru’ Horizons, Inc.'s Facebook Page

July 30, 2020, at 7pm

Building Your Personal Credit with Cousin Kera of E-Finance
LIVE on our Zoom site!

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